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Art Research Guide

This annotated guide to selected art reference sources in the Newton Gresham Library covers painting, drawing, graphic arts, and sculpture.


Havlice, Patricia P.  World Painting Index.  2 vols.  Metuchen:  Scarecrow, 1977. REF ND 45 .H38

World Painting Index.   First Supplement, 1973-1980.  2 vols.  Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1982. REF ND 45 .H38 Suppl.

World Painting Index.  Second Supplement, 1980-1989.  2 vols.  Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1995.  REF ND 45 .H38 Suppl. 2

World Painting Index.  Third Supplement, 1990-1999.  2 vol.  Metuchen: Scarecrow, 2003.  REF ND 45 .H38 Suppl. 3

The main volumes index reproductions of paintings appearing in 1,167 books and catalogues published between 1940 and 1975; the supplementary volumes index an additional 2,265 books and exhibition catalogues published between 1976 and 1999.


Korwin, Yala H.  Index to Two-Dimensional Art Works.  2 vols.  Metuchen:  Scarecrow, 1981.  REF N 7525 .K67

An index to 35,000 two-dimensional art works appearing over 250 books published between 1960 and 1977.   Volume I contains the artist index; Volume II contains the title-subject index.


Munro, Isabel Stevenson and Kate M. Monro.  Index to Reproductions of American Paintings. New York:  H.W. Wilson, 1948.  REF ND 205 .M57

Index to Reproductions of American Paintings.  First Supplement.  New York:  H.W. Wilson, 1964.  REF ND 205 .M57 Suppl. I

The main volume indexes reproductions of paintings by American artists appearing in books and catalogues published between 1879 and 1945.  The supplement indexes an additional 400 books and catalogues published between 1946 and 1961.


Index to Reproductions of European Paintings.  New York:  H.W. Wilson, 1956. REF ND 45 .M6

Indexes reproductions of paintings by European artists appearing in 328 books published between 1900 and 1952.

Smith, Lynn Wall and Nancy Dustin Wall Moure.  Index to Reproductions of American Paintings Appearing in More than 400 Books, Mostly Published Since 1960.  Metuchen:  Scarecrow, 1977.  REF ND 205 .S575

Indexes 30,000 American paintings by the artist's name and by broad subject headings. 


Illustration Index.  8 vols.  Metuchen:  Scarecrow, 1959-1998.  REF N 7525 .A66

This series indexes illustrationsCwith the exception of advertisements found in a select group of popular magazines, including National Geographic and Smithsonian.  Volume VIII, by Marsha C. Appel, contains approximately 28,000 entries organized by over 19,000 subject headings.


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