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How to Search for Closed-Captioned Films


This guide will show you how to find films available from the Library that include closed-captioning.

Physical DVDs

Not many physical DVDs and videos in the Library include closed-captioning, but you can search the library catalog for those that do.

  1. Start from the library homepage.
  2. Click on the Books & Ebooks tab.
  3. Click on Advanced Search.

  4. In the search box labeled Word or Phrase, type the following: captioning {546}

  5. Then click Search, and the results will be closed-captioned DVDs and videos.

Where to Find Film Databases

To view all the library databases that provide access to online films:

  1. Start at the library homepage.
  2. Click on the Online Video tab.
  3. Click on View all Video Collections.

  4. Then click on one of the video databases. They are each a bit different, though you can always search by title. More detailed instructions for a few specific databases are provided below.

Films on Demand Database

In Films on Demand, you can either search by title or browse by subject area.

  • If browsing, after you select the subject area, you can limit by a number of criteria on the right side of the page.
  • Once you find a film of interest, click on the title.
  • If the film has a transcript, you’ll see a Transcript tab (illustrated below). 

  • At the bottom of this page you’ll find a permanent url that can be put in Blackboard and will take students directly to the film.


If you use the Advanced Search function, the search criteria includes closed captioning.



Academic Video Online and PBS Video Databases

The databases Academic Video Online and PBS Video Collection cannot be searched specifically for closed-captioning. 

Search by title or subject. After you click on a film title, you will see a tab for the Transcript.

To copy a stable link to this film, click Embed/Link below the video player and then copy the hyperlink provided at the top of the popup box. Note: The "embed code" may work in SHSU Blackboard but will not work in any other website.


Additional Resources

Other video databases will operate in essentially the same way. You’ll want to explore them, depending on what content you hope to find.

You can also look at the titles available through  That site offers selected closed-captioning and transcripts. 

If you find a film you want, give the information to the Librarian the academic department works with, and we’ll get it set up.


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